Boost Metabolism!

The Buteyko South Africa program teaches you how to increase oxygen delivery to cells, increasing energy and balancing metabolism.

Optimizing oxygen delivery using scientific principles as outlined in the Buteyko South Africa program allows for the entire body to function better, because there is no part of the body that survive without oxygen. Lack of oxygen to tissues can result in toxicity build up and cell death.

Many of us suffer with sluggish metabolism that causes us to carry more weight and creates discomfort so that moving is painful and unpleasant. This leads to a negative cycle of craving carbs for energy when breathing isn't helping to meet these demands. You can balance your metabolism properly when you balance your breathing - no matter your level of fitness.

The Buteyko South Africa program helps unfit people to get moving without stress and discomfort, and helps athletes to continually improve their sporting ability by harnessing available oxygen.
Better oxygen delivery to the cells that need it, helps to enable heightened metabolic performance, maximum energy and increased stamina.

Many people will spend thousands on training equipment, gym subscriptions and professional coaching to help them achieve their goals. But all these efforts are wasted if the metabolism is unbalanced and energy is wasted.

People who take the time and effort to also focus on their breathing know that better breathing gives them true balanced metabolism. Balanced breathing using the Buteyko South Africa program allows for less pain and spasm, better muscle repair and better stamina.

Natural breathing is so vital for normal natural movement, as oxygen needs increase during exercise. Incorrect breathing can lead to oxygen deprivation, lactic acid production and muscle spasm and pain. In short, bad breathing styles can severely hamper movement and performance.

All athletes know that oxygenation is key to maintaining excellence. But this does not mean that breathing deeply or unusually will increase oxygen delivery. Science tells us there is a way to do everything, and in breathing, balance is the key. Optimum oxygenation can only occur when the breathing is normalized and appropriate for the level of metabolism.

Learn how to achieve effortless breathing and improved performance - in all areas of your life with the Buteyko South Africa program.

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    Buteyko SA founder, Melody Mitchell
    offers 3 and 5 day Programs in MONTAGU, 2 hours from Cape Town.
    PHONE: +27834940661

    *Buteyko South Africa 5 day Adjunct health program runs for 2 hours per day over five consecutive days. This is highly recommended for serious illness requiring chronic medications.
    Program fees are R3950 per person.

    *Buteyko South Africa Intensive 3 day program runs for 3 hours per day over three consecutive days.
    Buteyko South Africa 3 day program fees are R2950 per person.

    Buteyko SA Associate Educators:

    Greyton / Caledon, W/Cape :
    Erika Norrie
    Glenn Norrie

    Durban City Central Area, KZN:
    Suzanne Martin

    Benoni, Gauteng:
    Leigh Sheppard

    By appointment only, please email to set up your sessions

    Are you interested in a rewarding career as a trained Buteyko South Africa Educator? Buteyko South Africa offers Educator / Practitioner training in the Buteyko Method.

    10-21 September 2018
    Ten Day training in Montagu (for existing health practitioners):
    Western Cape, client clinic observations, ongoing mentorship program, eligibility for membership of Buteyko South Africa Educator Association.
    Space limited
    Please email for more information.

    *New* Full Practitioner training:
    October 2018
    Three week training for those with no previous training in a health modality or practice. (Includes anatomy and practice management modules). Training includes client clinic observations, ongoing mentorship program, eligibility for membership of Buteyko South Africa Educator Association.

    Space Limited. Please email for more information

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